Ps3's with problems

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Hello everybody!

I'm a user since 2010, but in the  last 2 years I left the electronics repair due to job in programing. Now I decided come back and try to repair my PS3 consoles. Currently I have a small console's collection. In this collection I have 5 PS3 fat models, all of them have problems and I wanna a help to try fix them. Below have the model of PS3 and a small description of your error:

CECHE01: It had YLOD when I bought, I've made a reflow and it worked, but after months the YLOD has reappeared. When the PS3 turns on, the fan spins, the Digital out (Optical) blinks and the PS3 emits 3 bips. Both Cell and RSX are cold;

CECHH12: It overheated and now it's dead;

CECHA01: When I bought, it turns on and after 20 seconds turns off due overheating. I decided remove the IHS and after this the PS3 got a YLOD(or BSJF). When I turn it on the Digital out ( optical) lights and the green led of network connection lights, fan spins, shortly thereafter the PS3 have 3 bips. The cell gets hot and the RSX is slightly heated;

CECHC03: The unique that works partly. When I bought it has artefacts on the image and shortly thereafter it has a black screen and the controller doesnt work. Everytime that I make a reflow the PS3 works normally, but hours after the black screen come back;

CECHB00: It has a YLOD. When I turn on the PS3 the Digital out blinks weakly, the fan spins and the PS3 have 3 bips. Both Cell and RSX are cold.

I found a brazilian project that consist in make a reballing machine with infrared lamps. Do you know another similar project?


Wrong Board. We have an english-area! ;)

Console A (CECHE01 v2): Bad reflow or the Cell is affected.

ConsoleB (CECHH12 v4): No console dies due to overheating. Why do you think it overheated?

Console C (CECHA01 v1): Contact at RSX or Cell broken, or you damaged one of these chips.

Console D (CECHC03 v2): Often a reflow doesn't help for a long time and I think it's because of broken contacts between RSX-PCB and RSX-RAM. Only a new RSX will help then. Or the reflow was not good enough.

Console E (CECHB00 v1): Reflow.

Zitat von: Nissan am 21. Januar 2015, 01:20:12
I found a brazilian project that consist in make a reballing machine with infrared lamps. Do you know another similar project?

Look here.


Thanks Takeshi!

All consoles were used and I bought them defective.

About Console B (CECHH12 v4) was overheated due reflow process.

I guess that Console D (CECHC03 v2) suffered a fall before I buy it,  no marks of damage on the motherboard, but the plastic case is a little mashed.

About Console E (CECHB00 v1) I guess that Southbridge  was overheated in another repair process(not with me), because in one SouthBridge's corner is dark. I will take a photo and upload here.


CECHB00 Southbridge photos (see the left inferior corner):
Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

Photo 4:

I read the page "Reflow 3" and I've seen some brazilian videos with the  grill technique.

And about the reballing machine with infrared lamps. Do you think a good idea?

I plan to mount a machine with 2 infrared lamps, one above and one below. Initially controlled by dimmer, but then try to automate with Arduino.


I gave everey one of your consoles a letter (A-E) to keep them apart, please use this letters too.

B: Okay, then it is possible of course. Then the board needs a new RSX ...

D: That's bad. Really everything could be broken and you won't find it. If you are able to resolder the RSX than you can use it for the console B.

E: It's not because of overheating. Don't worry about that.


Hi Takeshi! I will modify my reballing machine project, change the IR lamps by IR ceramic resistors.

On the top will be one ceramic resistance(70mm x 70mm). On tho bottom I will put 4 resistances (120mm x 120mm each). I will produce covers to top and bottom, the top cover wil be the same area from chip and the bottom cover will be the same area from motherboard.

What do you think about that?


Hm, I have no experience with IR ceramic resistors. I can't imagine that the ceramic resistors heat by IR and not by convective heat transfer.